Guidelines and Suggestions for Adopters

     The goal of the Adopt-a-Street Prayer Initiative is to cover our county/region in prayer street by street and home by home. We believe God will bless this expansion of prayer, change the spiritual atmosphere over our region, manifest His presence and power and bring many to the Savior.
General Guidelines for Adopters
     This is a body of Christ initiative. Adopters represent the Community of Christians (the Regional Church) in our area. Demonstrating our unity in Christ will send a powerful message to our communities. God is pleased with such unity (John 17:20-21) and will bless us with His presence and power.
     1. Pray for the homes, schools, businesses and churches that are
         on your street.       
     2. If you are physically able begin to prayer walk your street.
     3. Reach-out and build relationships with people.
     4. Identify and respond to visible needs in tangible ways.
     5. Share the love, presence and power of Jesus.
     6. Connect with believers in your area/neighborhood including other street 
         adopters and learn the power of becoming a Neighborhood Unified Light.   Learn More
     7. Look for opportunities to share your faith in Christ; expect people to come to faith in Christ.



Specific Suggestions for Adopters

     1. Ask God for wisdom. (James 1:5)
     2. As you learn who lives on your street form a list of their names and pray for them regularly.
     3. Consider sending a note/card to your neighbors informing them you are praying for them and 
         letting them know they can share their prayer requests with you. Sample Letter 
     4. Send your neighbors cards at Christmas or other special occasions.
     5. Reach out to neighbors during tough times (when they’re facing or loss of  loved one) and
         during good times (the birth of a baby or a wedding in the family).
     6. Plan a neighborhood block party. In  a low key way let them know you are praying for them.
         Show them the love of Christ.
     7. As you get to know other street adopters and believers in your neighborhood plan
         times to gather with them for fellowship, encouragement and prayer. This is a good time to
         plan ways to reach out to your neighborhood in creative ways.