The Power of Neighborhood Unified Lights

One of the goals of the Adopt-a-Street Prayer Initiative is the formation of Neighborhood  Unified        Lights. This occurs when “adopters” in the same neighborhood connect with each other and with believers they’ve found in the neighborhood as well as those who come to Christ. Because they share a common concern for their neighborhood their INDIVIDUAL LIGHTS form a UNIFIED LIGHT. As they come together prayer for the area intensifies and their light becomes brighter.  God will give them wisdom and direction about creative ways to get to know the people in their neighborhoods and minister to their felt needs. The Holy Spirit will provide unique opportunities to witness to Christ.

When such Neighborhood  Unified  Lights blanket our county/region the prayer for our area will intensify even more and the light of Christ will burn even brighter. God will surely respond to the unified prayer of His people across our region with His presence and power.

These Neighborhood  Unified  Lights can also pray for and participate in the public expressions of prayer and unity in our region. Information about the Celebrations of Unity and the Community Prayer Room will be posted on the Trumbull County Prayer Movement’s website.
The Community Prayer Room is a public expression of the Prayer Movement in our region with the ultimate goal of it operating 24/7 and be a place where prayer will go up continually to God for revival (Isaiah 62:6-7) and a place where people can come to pray and seek the Lord in their time of need.

The Celebrations of Unity will be the public expression of the unified regional church. As the body of Christ gathers from time to time to celebrate what God is dong and share progress reports concerning vision fulfillment the community will take notice of our unity as God’s presence and power will rest upon a unified church. (John 17:20-26)