24/365 Testimonies



I HAD TO CLEAN HOUSE. From the very first day I started 24/365 it became blindingly apparent that I absolutely could not pray until I "cleaned house". I felt completely stifled when I sat down to pray. So I did the only thing I could think of and that was to pray about why I couldn't pray. God showed me that I had some things that I needed to confess and repent of. Things I would have rather just kept tucked away neatly. Silly me for thinking if I didn't think about these things then neither did God. Through tears I confessed and repented and yes, it was hard. I would like to say that once I did this a "tsunami" hit me but I can only describe what I am experiencing as a daily, hourly, every minute and second since I "cleaned house" change taking place within me. I have a renewed hunger and thirst for God. I want to and could easily do, pray and read my Bible all day but I have children to take care of, one being a toddler. Already God has answered every single prayer I have prayed. I especially liked His answer when I asked for a greater understanding of the Holy Spirit (1John 5:7). I look forward to more of Him.





Just this past week I made a list of people, relationships, and things that have been burdening my heart and I pray about each one of them always. However, I don't devote as much time on them as I did for my hour of prayer; my 60 minutes with my Lord.   All I can say is I experienced His peace that surpasses all understanding.... I experienced the tsunami in full force, with an intense power but yet such a comfort that only those who have experienced. I thank Him for His Grace, Mercy and Love. Thank you Pastor and all my brothers and sisters In Christ for your obedience to His word, for this opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful ministry.  And I believe He is enjoying every minute of our 24/365... Blessings to all!

This has been awesome and difficult but a walk with the Lord like no other.  A person came to my house who was directed by the Lord.  We talked and prayed. He had no idea that I was involved with this prayer time.  The presence of Christ was mighty. Please push forward in your goals. Blessings.