About Us


History of the Prayer Movement in Trumbull County


     Our fellowship of about 15 pastors began focusing on the subject of spiritual transformation in the fall of 2006.  After viewing the Transformation Videos documenting the wonderful and powerful ways God is moving in other parts of the world we began asking, “Lord do it here!”  In May of 2007 we began meeting every Tuesday morning at the Warren Family Mission to pray for revival.  This was the beginning of the prayer movement. 


     As the prayer meetings continued through the summer we believed the Lord was telling us that He wanted to bless us and our area but first He must correct us.  He was calling us to gather in a Sacred Assembly for the purpose of repenting of our sins and crying out to Him for His mercy.   We set the date for February 24, 2008.  We believed the Lord was leading us as pastors to pray and repent of our sins before we could lead our people to do the same.  Therefore, we agreed to meet once a month for all-night prayer vigils.  The first one was November 18, 2007.  This was followed by three more all-night prayer vigils in December, January and February.  We sent out over 200 letters inviting other evangelical pastors to join us in our weekly prayer meetings, our monthly all-night prayer vigils and the Sacred Assembly. 


      As a result of this prayer movement our hearts have been knit together in unity and love.  We agreed that we must be more intentional in living out our unity.  We have embraced our responsibility as co-pastors of God’s church in Trumbull County to be “watchmen for the city.” 

The Sacred Assembly was a pivotal event for the body of Christ in Trumbull County.  Some 35 pastors along with 700 believers gathered to confess our sins and ask God to have mercy on us.  The presence of the Lord was powerful and real.  The assembly ended with a sense of divine forgiveness.  Joy filled the people. 


     We will continue to meet every Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. to pray for revival.  We will continue to plan for more Sacred Assemblies.  We will encourage one another to persevere in prayer and to not give up until God answers; nothing less than His transforming presence will do!